Junior with Senior


SCA’s weekly Junior with Senior class gives students an opportunity to explore Aikido in a more flexible  setting.  In this class, junior students pair with more senior students to receive a one-on-one training session.  Sessions generally last 45 – 60 minutes, and allow junior students to ask questions and practice techniques or principles on which they are currently focusing.

Often frequented by students preparing for upcoming exams or practicing new techniques shown earlier in the week, Friday’s class also provides students a chance to fine tune their weapons suburi (basic solo movements) or to learn more about ukemi (the art of receiving a technique).

The Junior with Senior class introduces students to the one-on-one training format that is so essential to progressing in the martial arts.  In addition to attending regular classes, successful students take a proactive approach to training by working outside of class on the corrections they may have received in class.  Students are encouraged to seek out other students–especially more experienced students or uchi deshi (live-in students)– to schedule training sessions after class or throughout the week.

Junior with Senior Class takes place at 6:30 pm on Fridays following open mat and preceding Advanced Class.