Thinking about studying Aikido?  The first step is to visit the dojo during a scheduled class time to observe training and meet some of the other students.  During this time you can ask  questions and decide if you are ready to get started doing Aikido.  You may arrive on any day to observe class although Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings are ideal because you will have the opportunity to observe both a Basics class and an Advanced class.

When you decide to join the dojo, simply come by fifteen minutes prior to any class to fill out paperwork and get fitted for a training uniform.  You may begin training the same day you sign up.  New students are integrated into regular class and receive additional attention from instructors and senior students.  When pairing up in class, the training is always adjusted to the level of the junior student to ensure safe training and efficient learning.

New students are encouraged to attend as many Basics classes as possible, because the curriculum contains a sampling of the most fundamental movements and techniques in the Iwama Aikido curriculum.  New students also benefit greatly from the Senior with Junior class on Friday evenings.  In addition to these classes, students may attend any of the General classes on the schedule and are welcome to observe the Advanced classes.

I love you guys. From the first day I came into SSC aikido and I observed you, all I felt there was something special here.
— K.K.